About Us


de Villiers Recruitment (DVR) is a Latin American boutique recruitment agency that specializes in sourcing and placing bilingual staff with foreign companies that do business within the Mining and Energy sectors. We pride ourselves on providing solid employment advice, sourcing leading candidates and having a fully bilingual team to explain each step of the process.

Why use us


From our own experience, we understand that entering a new market can be a challenging endeavor for any company. A good team could mean the difference between success and failure. It is for these reasons that we focus on finding candidates that are not only experienced in navigating the local market but also have a good understanding of the Australian business culture. We help bridge the gap between the Australian and Latin American business cultures to ensure that your company has the right people it needs to grow.


Recruitment Process

de Villiers Recruitment is always looking for executives who have a good grasp of English, Latin America and a track record of success within their field of work. Please email us your resume and we will contact you shortly to discuss in more detail your objectives.

Job posting
de Villiers Recruitment lists our job openings on our LinkedIn page. Feel free to check back regularly for new developments.

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